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Rural localities need to digitally project their area as vibrant and attractive locations in which innovation-driven SMEs can thrive. Most rural communities know they have a problem but feel dis-empowered and unclear what they can do “under their own steam” to grow. Traditional enterprise coworking hubs across the EU do not have the capacity and capability to harness the huge potential offered by the world-wide phenomenon of remote digital working.

DigitalHQ believes there is the potential to use digital tools and frameworks to create a completely new way to deliver rural repopulation! For the past 5 years DigitalHQ has fine tuned a model for attracting investment, remote workers, home buyers and shoppers to rural communities. We call this model "Digital First Communities".

‘Digital First Communities’ use digital tools, platforms and frameworks with their local digital growth hub as their rallying point and their smartphone as their ally. The benefits of ’Digital First Communities’ include increased footfall, lower property vacancies, high quality of life and new sustainable jobs.

Our model for the digitalisation of localities has been endorsed by Placemaking Europe, the .IE Domain Registry and the European DIGITALSME Alliance.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Dublin, Ireland