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HERCAL ACUSTEC S.L. (HC TECHNOLOGIES) is a designer and manufacturer of IOT device. Our devices read sensors (water quality, temperature, moisture, distance etc.), meters and signals.


Our company with our commercial name HC Technologies has designed a super flex device for working in wireless projects to read meters, sensors and signals.

Working in Electronics from 2006 in Europe and USA, we knew that every customer and every project needs a different hardware and typically also a different firmware. We have then designed a flexible device with Sigfox connections that do not need any Gateway or extra nodes,

It can be powered with 2 AA batteries like a radio, a packet of 4 batteries, 6-25V DC power with internal backup battery, 110-230VAC 50/60Hz or from solar panels. Our device can read water, electricity and gas meters, and as it has up to 4 different inputs, it can read up to 3 meters + 1 on/off sensor. But the device can be configured to read on/off sensors and send alarms when the input change. Our customers are using it to check if there is power in different places, check if any machine, water solutions, etc. are working ok or not. We can then check if a manual valve is opened or close. It can send an alarm if the water level into manholes is over a limit.

But not only this, the device can be also configure to read external sensors such as temperature, moisture, air quality, gases, distance, leak, etc. With those solutions, we can read the water distance in rivers, channels and manholes, check the temperature, moisture and air quality into housings, detect leaks in houses, factories etc. And we can add up to 2 diffeent limits to send alarms when the signales are over or below the limits. And using a solar panel and our special solar charger we have designed, we work also in projects in fish farms, water quality projects reading OD, PH, ORP, EC etc... of water.

As we know that into a city, there are a lot of places where there is not coverage for any technology, our device can work with internal antennas, external antennas, flat antennas or with external antennas connected to cables up to 10 m.

In 2021 we have designed a new device that includes an internal relay to control lights, machines, valves etc. We are working with it in smart cities to activate heaters, lights, etc.

Now the market for wireless systems is very big. We do not work for B2C, but only for B2B, and working with all our customers around the world and studying what they need, we know that today, for cities, industrials customers, etc... flexible devices are the best solution to not pay extra design cost when they need something differnet that what they can find in the market and wait months for having a solution (cost).

You can visit our website www.hc-technologies.com where you can find all our solutions for different markets including smart cities, etc.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Lucca (Italy), Bilbao (Spain)


Companies that may need hardware for reading sensors, meters, signals, control lights, motors, etc.


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