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Company Optifarm is specialized in digitization of short food supply chains. We have created digital platform Optifarm SMART for food self-sustainablity, that connects consumers with local producers.


Optifarm SMART is an online marketplace that combines fresh, seasonal and organic offerings from countrywide local producers enabling the fast purchase and regular delivery.

It is an local food ecosystem for locals/non-locals/tourists who appreciate the value of local, fresh, seasonal and organic products that have limited time and/or knowledge of where to get them from. Unlike traditional retail chains and other Online marketplaces, Optifarm SMART is a one-stop-shop for all things local, saving you time, but not compromising on quality, that promotes local supplier brands with top products and produce.

Optifarm SMART supports local self-sufficient economy by connecting food providers, food shops, dairies, wineries, beekeepers, … with end customers. With large network of local food providers, we are building a network of national/regional hubs that will offer local products and produce in their region. We serve almost 50 local food providers (with goal of 200+ until end of this year).

We see Optifarm SMART as a part of digitized smart society of the future. A global ecosystem for local food. To be Airbnb for the local farmers.

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