Brexit – Digital SMEs call on EU Members to stay united

DIGITAL SME responds with regret to the British vote to leave the EU. Oliver Grün, President of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance explains: “The IT business community strongly supports the European project. Brexit poses potential risks and threats for the future of the EU internal market. The European industry and especially SMEs are united to call on EU Member States to reaffirm their commitment to the European project.”

DIGITAL SME is concerned that the imminent exit of UK is a loss and a step away from the achievement of the Digital Single Market. Mr Grün continued, “The risk to increase the fragmentation among national markets is now high. Protectionism called by nationalist politicians across the EU is the perfect receipt for economic and social disaster. It is now high time for the EU to focus on the necessary reforms to create harmonised conditions that allow companies and citizens to benefit from the internal market. DIGITAL SME has already made concrete proposals to help SMEs expand their business across border, such as a harmonised VAT regime and a EU contract law.”

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