Digital Skills: DIGITAL SME pledge to train 5.000 ICT professionals by 2019

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance launched #DigitalSME4skills, a new ambitious campaign for digital skills. The alliance pledged that digital small and medium sized enterprises will train 5.000 ICT professionals by 2019.

Oliver Grün, DIGITAL SME president and software entrepreneur, presented the pledge at the launch of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition at the presence of Commissioner Oettinger, Vice President Ansip and the Belgian deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. The Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership promoted by the European Commission to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.

Digital SMEs that subscribe to the campaign #digitalSME4skills will offer work experience schemes, namely Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Internships, to train ICT professionals. The primary target group will be pupils, students and young practitioners. However, work experience schemes will be offered also to more disadvantaged population groups, such as unemployed, older and disabled people. The campaign aims to reach 5.000 ICT professionals by 2019.

“Europe has thousands of digital SMEs that are the real drivers of our digital economy. They are the key contributors to the digital transformation of European industry. We believe that skills are essential to the future of our sector and all other sectors that use digital technologies. Digital SMEs want to give their contribution for Europe to have more and better ICT professionals” said Oliver Grün when presenting the pledge.

Find out more about #DigitalSME4Skills campaign here.