Net Futures 2017: How to revolutionize the European cloud in 2 days?

Innovation is up in the cloud! Net Futures 2017 Conference (28th and 29th of June) is the proof! It will gather European innovators-users and providers of the ICT sector, policy makers and civil society, and will offer a great opportunity for stakeholder engagement, leading towards further developments in the sector.

Here are some examples:

Concertation meeting. H2020 projects from unit “Cloud and software” will come together on June, 28th. It is a unique context to get to know each other in person, share the best practices, discuss the market and project exploitation possibilities.

-‘Crazy times’. The ‘Minute Madness’ format will allow projects participants to briefly present themselves and interact with each other.

A ‘Unicorn’ in the room. This is a great chance for the UNICORN project to present its approach on how to make cloud software easier and safer for SMEs. UNICORN will be represented by the DIGITAL SME team and project coordinator, Spiros Alexakis, and will take part in the above-mentioned ‘elevator speech’ event, as well as many other sessions.

SME’s friendly platforms are possible. UNICORN project coordinator, Spiros Alexakis, will also make a snapshot presentation on how to boost cloud ecosystem focused on small and medium enterprises.

…And this is only a part of the agenda to revolutionize the European cloud! Comments and feedback are welcome through twitter, via the event hashtag #netfutures17