Germany: digital SMEs call for political parties to form government

European DIGITAL SME Alliance, together with its German member, Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi), is concerned about the possible failure by German political parties to form a government on a “Jamaican” coalition including CDU/CSU, FDP and The Greens.

The President of BITMi and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Oliver Grün, addresses Germany’s largest elected political parties CDU / CSU (Christian democratic political alliance), SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), FDP (Free Democratic Party) and Die Grünen (The Greens), and asks them to implement the voters’ mandate: “New elections are not an alternative. We would simply lose another half a year until a stable government was formed. Without a strong political leadership in Germany, Europe’s digitisation process would risk to slow down. It is high time for both Germany and Europe to stay ahead of digitization. Else we risk to fall further behind in the global digital revolution.”

As for Europe, stable German leadership is crucial to move on with some of the most important decisions, including the issues of EU taxation of tech giants and data economy. Without the clear position of Europe’s strongest economy, many other Member States remain hesitant in taking any of the sides which creates a big uncertainty for European digital business.