Oliver Grün elected president of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance

President of DIGITAL SME – Oliver Grün (in the middle), Vice President for France, Bruno Robine (on the right) and Secretary General Sebastiano Toffaletti (on the left)

Grün is thus confirmed for a second mandate as he was elected for the first time in 2015.Founder and CEO of the digital company GRÜN Software AG, Oliver Grün is also president of the German association of IT small and medium sized enterprises BITMI.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance is the largest association in Europe representing digital small and medium-sized enterprises. It currently has members in 19 countries and represents over 20.000 SMEs across Europe.

Digital small and medium-sized enterprises are the driving force behind Europes digital revolution. I am proud to serve as president of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and to represent such important constituency. My most important objective is to demonstrate that digital SMEs are the key for Europe to lead the fourth industrial revolution, because they are the main sources of innovation, technologies, skills and new jobs” – commented Grün, after he accepted his new president mandate.

Jose Luis Pancorbo – new Vice President for Spain

On the same day, the general assembly of DIGITAL SME also appointed Mr Jose Luis Pancorbo as vice president Spain. Pancorbo is a Spanish ICT entrepreneur, also chairman of AERTIC, the regional association of digital companies in La Rioja. Jose Luis Pancorbo represents CONETIC the Spanish association of digital SMEs and replaces Mr Joaquin Garrido, who served as DIGITAL SME vice president Spain from 2007 to 2017.