DIGITAL SME calls on the European Commission for the creation of a European Digital SME Hub

This week, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME) launches its proposal to foster the future of Europe’s digital economy: the creation of a European Digital SME Hub to support the cooperation and growth of small and medium-sized digital companies.

The European Commission and many national governments are making large investments in Digital Innovation Hubs. These hubs, run by research and competence centres, help companies that use or would like to adopt digital technologies. However, DIGITAL SME believes that Europe’s success in the digital revolution depends on the strengths of its digital enterprises, those that innovate, create technologies and enable the digitalisation of other enterprises. Thus, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance has called on the European Commission to support the creation of a European Digital SME Hub to build on the strengths of digital SMEs as the enablers of Europe’s digital revolution.

Digital SMEs do not only offer the majority of jobs in the IT industry, but also are the main providers of IT solutions that are essential for digitalisation of other sectors. Moreover, digital SMEs are often champions in niche markets, where they offer innovative products and services. However, fragmentation prevents these small companies to succeed on the EU and international markets. Fostering the cooperation among digital SMEs and supporting the creation of partnerships among these companies is key to allow digital SMEs to grow and become leaders in the global digital economy. In a world dominated by American Tech multinationals, only by supporting our own digital enterprises, Europe will regain its digital sovereignty.

In Germany, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy recently announced the creation of the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum IT-Wirtschaft[1]. This hub was established with the declared purpose of growing Germany’s digital economy, by supporting and fostering cooperation among German digital SMEs. The German hub is a unique example and is paving the way for other countries to establish their of own digital SME hubs.

Oliver Grün, IT entrepreneur and founder of the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum IT-Wirtschaft believes that “the establishment of a European Digital SME Hub to support companies’ cooperation in the ICT sector will enable digital SMEs to become the champions of Europe’s digital economy.” On behalf of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Dr Grün addressed Maria Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society: “We call on the European Commission to support the creation of the European Digital SME Hub”.

Read here our open letter to Commissioner Gabriel