Mr Emil Dimitrov quits his role as standardisation expert

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME) is sorry to inform that, due to personal reasons, Mr Emil Dimitrov will no longer work as expert in ETSI Technical Committee (TC) on TETRA and Critical Communications Evolution (TCCE).

Since 2016, with the support of DIGITAL SME and Small Business Standards (SBS), Mr Dimitrov represented European small and medium-sized enterprise in ETIS TC TCCE, contributing to the update of numerous standards and specifications on encryption of voice communication as well as on data services over broadband and narrowband air interfaces. More recently, his work was focussing on the definition of product functionalities (e.g. mission-critical push-to-talk) that meet the requirements of public safety for mission-critical voice communication.

DIGITAL SME would like to sincerely thank Mr Dimitrov for his valuable contribution and for the good work done in the field of telecom standardisation during these years.