This conference will be an occasion to present the main outcomes of the eCF Council project, a three-year EU-funded project implemented in 2015–18 under the Erasmus+ Programme (Sector Skills Alliances).

During the last three years, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance has contributed to this project, which created a transnational network gathering the major players responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement across Europe, namely employers, professional associations, social partners, VET providers, higher education, research centres, regulatory bodies, and SMEs. This, in response to the critical mismatch between ICT skills demand and offer that Europe is suffering both in terms of trainings and geographical distribution of the required competences against the positions available, and to the need to foster ICT professionalism at the European and international level.

Small Business Standardars (SBS) Vice-President Fabio Massimo will intervene at the conference to will introduce the most recent activities of CEN Technical Committee 428 on ICT Professionalism and Digital competences, while Justina Bieliauskaite will present the SBS booklet on the implementation of the eCF standard (EN 16234-1) by SMEs.

More information about the event can be found here.