Official launch of Italian Digital SME Alliance in Milan

Milan, 3 July 2019

European digitalisation is moving fast and across all industries. To keep up with this shifting environment, several trade associations and private companies in the digital sector founded the Italian Digital SME Alliance. The inaugural event took place at the main hall of the European Parliament Information Office at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

“Collaboration is key to bring change and growth. Only if we work together, we will have an impact on our digital future”, said newly elected President Fabio Massimo, welcoming the foundation of the Italian Digital SME Alliance.

The new coalition will promote innovation by focusing on trainings for SMEs to develop professional skills and encourage companies to adopt more efficient digital solutions. The Italian Digital SME Alliance also aims to guarantee support, development and representation of Italian digital companies in Europe and internationally.  To achieve these goals, the newly formed organisation can benefit from an instrumental cooperation with the European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

The first public act of the recently formed alliance was the co-organisation of the ETSI Technology Awareness Roadshow for SMEs. In partnership with European Institute for Telecommunications Standards (ETSI) and TIM, this full day event provided the opportunity for companies to experience first-hand demonstration of new technologies based on Standards such as, 5G, IoT, New Radio and Narroband-IoT.

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