DIGITAL SME’s Bo Sejer Frandsen elected as Board member of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

European SMEs’ endeavour for a greater representation among key IoT stakeholders started to pay off. Members of The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) elected Mr. Bo Sejer Frandsen, a Vice-President of DIGITAL SME to the Management Board of AIOTI. The election took place during the IoT Week – one of Europe’s largest IoT conferences, organised by it-forum.

‘As an SME representative, I have always promoted SME leadership in IoT eco-system. I am truly honoured to be elected as a Managing Board Member of AIOTI, the European hub for innovation in IoT. Through this position I will enhance digital SMEs’ involvement in the EU strategic decisions on IoT, promote the SMEs’ visibility and grant them a more prominent role in the alliance for the IoT innovation.’ – commented Mr. Frandsen.

In addition, Mr. Bo Sejer Frandsen, who is also a CEO of it-forum and expert of IoT-related standards, will use his experience to promote SMEs’ needs in standaridsation. IoT standards (such as machine-to-machine communications) and interoperability are crucial for start-ups and SMEs to access and exploit the cross-industrial IoT potential. Thus, Mr. Frandsen will further deepen the collaboration between DIGITAL SME and AIOTI in this area.

As a result, greater inclusiveness and visibility of IoT SMEs will put them to the front lines of the ever-growing European IoT eco-system.


Newly elected AIOTI Board consists of the following representatives:

  1. Klaus Beetz (Siemens), current Board member
  2. Irene Lopez de Vallejo (DEX Europe)
  3. Juergen Sturm (Texas Instruments)
  4. Tanya Suarez (BlueSpecs)
  5. Bo Sejer Frandsen (European Digital SME Alliance)