Cloud Workshop for SMEs (project CloudingSMEs)

Manchester (UK) – The event was co-organized by PIN-SME and UKITA. The latter is the British association of ICT SMEs member of PIN-SME. It took place at the Technology Centre Wolverhampton Science Park.

35 people attended the Workshop, composed for 90 % by IT companies that provide cloud services. The remaining 10 % were consultants and association’s staff.

The presentation of CloudingSMEs and the related discussion time consumed more than one hour. The presentation of CloudingSMEs focused on the advantages of Cloud for SMEs, as well as on the related challenges.

The presentation also included the tools currently available on, i.e Strategic, Security and TCO scorecards. On the agenda of the workshop were also he so called EU Growth Vauchers, a funding scheme of the UK Government for SMEs to get strategic consultancy services.