Call for External Evaluators in ICT Standardisation

StandICT 2026, a project funded under Horizon Europe and in which the European DIGITAL SME Alliance is a consortium partner, has launched a call to set up an External Pool of Evaluators (EPE), to review proposals to the Fellowship Programme. The initiative will consist in a cycle of 9 Open Calls running over the 36-month project lifetime.

StandICT 2026 EPE will gather a set of 50+ recognised experts in the topics to be covered by the Open Calls, which will include the priority areas of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) & the EC Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation, including emerging standards on AI, Metaverse, Quantum Technologies, 6G and convergence across these technologies.

The Evaluators will be key to ensuring an impartial, transparent and consistent review process of applications to the Open Calls and will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis from the Call for Evaluators.

Applications to join are open to individuals from all over the world from academic institutions, business associations, and industries, including SMEs and will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Strong expertise in the ICT Standardisation domains covered in the Open Calls – additional skills in ICT Standardisation are a plus;
  • Active involvement on ICT standardisation topics over the past 12-18 months, such as chair roles, rapporteurs/convenors, contributors/supporters in SSOs and SDOs and Working Groups;
  • Active engagement in Standardisation events or previous involvement as an Evaluator for will be a plus.


  • The Evaluator will be remunerated at a daily rate of 400€, to be paid on the basis of the number of proposals evaluated,
  • The time to be spent on each evaluation set at 30 mins per proposal.

For more information on the additional eligibility criteria for this call and the procedural requirements for the application, please follow this link.

Deadline for submission: 31 May 2023 17:00, Brussels time.

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