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The platform for the digitalisation of European Industry


Explore the Matchmaking Platform developed by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market (DG GROW). Empower your SME with advanced technology solutions or showcase your innovative digital solutions to prospective clients.



The platform unlocks sustainable digital solutions available on the European market and makes them accessible to SMEs and companies across sectors. It is the space where companies partner up to enable the digital transformation of their business models. Here they get access to innovative and sustainable technologies to reduce their ecological footprint and bring long-lasting changes contributing to the twin transition and to a digitally sovereign Europe.

How it works

Three matchmaking events will be held in the coming months focusing on promoting sustainable manufacturing and enhancing competitiveness.

Fill out a brief form describing your business goals and desired partnership type

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Network with other companies, exchange ideas, and forge synergies


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