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Signalton is an R&D company focusing on digital signal processing sensor systems, audio/acoustics, image processing, edge computing IoT networks, artificial intelligence and their smart applications.


We developed a complete disaster search and rescue system (DSAR) involving a domestic sensor device, just like a smoke/gas detector, to detect home occupancy and surviving victims under rubble, if the building has collapsed, after an earthquake or a similar disaster. Based on our edge-computing sensor platform and AI based advanced signal processing and computer vision algorithms, the system can detect survivors using acoustic, vibration and image/video signals.

DSAR continuously conveys information to authorities through wireless channels so that resources can be organized rapidly. The registered users can communicate their status, get information and receive directives through the developed mobile app. Furthermore, DSAR can assess the earthquake risk of buildings before a disaster in a structural health monitoring sense through real-time vibration analysis and can provide information on the damage status of buildings after a disaster. (See pitch deck at

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Not yet deployed. Lab prototype (TRL 4-5) ready. Working on an improved field prototype (TRL 6-7).


We would like to network and partner with SME's that i) can utilise our hw/sw technologies on sensor networks, IoT, edge computing and AI for their specific applications ii) have ongoing connections with smart manufacturing, city, transportation/micromobility, environment use cases iii) have widespread problems requiring scalable solutions (not one-time-only project-based solutions).



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