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ADDITESS -Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd is a Cyprus-based Small Medium Enterprise (SME) established in 2011. ADDITESS is a scientific, consulting, and research company whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, at the strategic and tactical level, on issues concerning Security policies, Border Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Transportation and Cargo Security, and also to develop state of the art applied Security Solutions hardware or software-based in the above-mentioned areas. ADDITESS also provides advisory, consulting and solution services to various Government Organizations and to other Public and Private authorities in Cyprus, Europe or Worldwide, on these same issues. The founding of ADDITESS opened a new sector bridging business and research, in the security domain, new to the standards of Cyprus. Over the last years ADDITESS under the guidance of Mr. Nikolaos Koutras, Managing Director, invested in establishing the role of the company through strong participation in EU R&D funded projects, FP7 and Horizon 2020 frameworks, or various National R&D proposals in the fields of Security, ICT, Aeronautics (UAVs), Communications, Transportation and Environment. ADDITESS is strategically positioned between academia, SME and Government, in Cyprus, benefiting equally from all sectors. The outcome of our positioning has been researched in academic fields that were in need of it thus providing innovative technological solutions with high readiness in applicability. Additionally, strategic alliances allow the company to benefit from training activities leading to sustainable collaborations within our network of contacts and the formation of partnerships with both universities and privately-owned non-profit research centers and laboratories. ADDITESS’ personnel consist of greatly experienced – operationally and scientifically— engineers as well as new scientists allowing for the transfer of knowledge between the two. Our company’s personnel are encouraged to take initiative in leading ideas that emerge through brainstorming sessions with the administration of the company. This process is supported by simplifying procedures and having them involved during decision-making. We, therefore, believe in the empowerment of individuals with however great qualities in collaborating and sharing practices with colleagues; transforming current practices with new technological scientific trends with applications in emerging areas. ADDITESS invests in the evolution of its personnel by encouraging and supporting the continuation of academic education for pursuing more advanced postgraduate titles. ADDITESS is at the forefront of our offering with clients stemming from a multitude of technological domains, such as Security, Defence, Information, and Communication Technologies. Furthermore, a number of our researchers have a military and police forces background in IT Security, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) in large-scale National and EU or NATO-led operations, over the last fifteen years. This field experience is enhanced by their high academic knowledge especially in the security (IT, Electro-optics, Communication, etc.) system’s area. Investing in technological solutions requires an adequate lifespan for said solutions that serves a twofold purpose: firstly, the quality of the product is raised by allowing for its maturing and continuous development, and secondly a higher revenue is attained by reaching a greater audience. As a consequence, standardization throughout the development life cycle becomes a necessity which we take a step further by also employing quality policies in other operational areas (i.e. administration, marketing). Along the same lines, our company follows the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2015 standard of operations ensuring quality management regarding Consulting, Research, and Development Services in Security and Information Technology Fields. ADDITESS is also the owner of a Facility Security Clearance Certificate from CY MOD for Handling EU Classified Information. ADDITESS is also attaining the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System. The above practices have shaped ADDITESS into a reliable and trustworthy member of a widespread network of partners belonging to different sectors. This aspect has proven critical to our continuous development, as a company, generating opportunities for further expansion strengthening our footprint in Cyprus and abroad. Our business philosophy is to adhere to the needs and requirements of our clients, providing high quality customer satisfaction, leading to a loyal and expanding customer following. Our goal is to fully support our clients to identify their specific needs, plan, implement and deliver our projects successfully. We intend to work closely with our Clients providing a complete range of project delivery services and expert advice throughout any project’s life cycle. ADDITESS - Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd is a private company limited by shares.


addTASK is an incident reporting and situational awareness tool used to provide collaborative real-time communication between agencies and members/citizens of the public.
addTASK core provides:
● Real-time incident reporting and event management with instant notification issuing of involved parties (GO users-public/citizens).
● Support event prioritization through a risk taxonomy
● Automated message generation and real-time progress tracking
● Dual communication with the transmission of text and multimedia messages
● Tactical level support through real-time data correlation and full-duplex communication
● Strategic level support through Business Intelligence analytics and data mining
● Data collection and targeted data delivery with transparency
● Aggregated data view in a 3D GIS-enabled environment (2D + Time) with the ability to interface with third-party systems.
● Annotation of POIs (Points of Interest) and ROIs (Regions of Interest).
● Real-time opinion sensing through social media crawling

addTASK delivers state-of-the-art services through a variety of tools and technologies composed of central management and data fusion engine responsible for the processing, correlation, and maintenance of both addTASK produced and crowdsourced data. Mobile and web-based terminals are provided for timely data delivery. The role-based end-to-end system provides
● An intelligent web interface for use by the operator and commander,
● State-of-the-art services through a variety of tools and technologies composed of central management and data fusion engine responsible for the processing, correlation, and maintenance of both C3I2 produced and crowdsourced data,
● A dedicated mobile app allowing: (a) communication with other addTASK users in the field, (b) communication with the C&C center and, (c) provision of user role-specific functionalities.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Ayia Napa, Cyprus and near future Nicosia , Cyprus


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