HOPU brings innovation through the latest technologies such as AI, IoT and Data-Quality. We support decision-makers to guarantee that data is understandable by everybody, intuitive and usable. We are there to support any decision for environmental assessment and digital transformation through data-powered tools with dashboards, decision support tools and our genuine IoT devices to monitor impact, sustainability, and environment (Smart Spot). We mix data, technology and people to enable a powerful innovation tool. HOPU promotes Open Source technologies, Open Standards and Open Platforms; through the cooperation with open source communities as Eclipse, platforms as FIWARE, standardization bodies as IEEE, ETSI, OMA and promoting on top of this added value via data quality, cost-effective solutions and services to monitor gases, air quality, pollution, particulate matter, toxic substances, odours (VOCs), and environmental status for industry and outdoors (cities, urban areas, rural areas).

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