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DOMI SOCIAL app allows to simplify and speed up communication in the condominium environment.
It is possible to live your condominium environment with serenity and pleasure if every habitant becomes a protagonist who animates its life.
The relationship between people, their interconnection through requests, questions, comments, answers, updates is the heart of the system that contributes to make every issue simpler, clearer and the communication transparent and immediate.
DOMI SOCIAL is a world designed and built to give benefits and satisfaction to all.
It is a dedicated space where you can share the news, express your needs, make an announcements, organize the events that can be visible to every person that lives in the building.
The platform also permits to stay in contact with the administrator and the maintainers and when it is necessary to report in real time all the problems and malfunctions and to receive the update on issue, warnings and official news.
It’s all about the smart communication in a smart environment for smart people in a smart city

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Milano Italy


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