What we do

DIGITAL SME France, as a member of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, promotes a European oriented approach towards the development of French SMEs active in the digital sector. Europe’s strength has always built on its SMEs. It is therefore our objective to make sure that Europe continues building on this competitive advantage and creates a thriving eco-system to bring about world-leaders in digital.

“It is necessary that French digital SMEs team up to make their voice heard and to keep up-to-date with developments at the European level. To compete globally, digital players in Europe need access to funding which helps to turn innovation into competitive market solutions.” – Amandine Laveau-Zimmerlé, President DIGITAL SME France.

How we do it

Representing the interests of French digital SMEs at European level

Providing information on EU policy, regulation and news

Promoting exchanges of know-how and business opportunities amongst the members and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance network

Offering a direct channel of communication with the EU institutions through bilateral meetings, participation in conferences and expert groups

Offering information about EU funded projects and support in creation of consortia

Enhancing its members sectoral skills by participating in European trainings and workshops