DIGITAL SME France is pleased to welcome DIATEAM to the alliance

DIGITAL SME France is pleased to announce that DIATEAM has joined the organization as a new member. DIATEAM is an independent French software research and development company specializing in Cyber Security and Cyber Range solutions.

The President of DIGITAL SME France, Amandine Laveau-Zimmerle enthusiastically welcomed the recent accession: “DIATEAM is certainly a strong partner for our alliance. It is necessary that French digital SMEs team up to make their voice heard and to keep up to date with developments at the European level. We need to support a thriving eco-system to bring about world-leaders in digital”.

As a first step in the collaboration, DIATEAM has joined DIGITAL SME in a European SME delegation to one of Europe’s leading IT Security fairs in Nuremberg, Germany, which took place from 8-10 October 2019. In the future, DIGITAL SME France aims to work more closely together with SMEs in France to help them connect to other businesses in Europe and to make their voice heard at the European level, via the larger network of European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

DIGITAL SME France is an association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the digital sector. It was founded this year by two French federations – EBEN, ACEDISE[1]. As a member of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, DIGITAL SME France promotes a European approach to the development of French SMEs in the digital sector and the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Europe’s strength has always rested on its SMEs. The objective of the alliance is to ensure that Europe continues to build on this competitive advantage and create a thriving ecosystem to become a world leader in digital technology.

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[1] EBEN – Fédération des Entreprises du Bureau et du Numérique

ACEDISE Fédération des Constructeurs Editeurs Distributeurs Installateurs de Systèmes d’Encaissement.