Working Groups

Working Groups are where our member-appointed experts discuss and refine DIGITAL SME’s position on various relevant topics. Are you working for one of our member organisations and interested in joining a working group? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Focus Group Artificial Intelligence

The Focus Group AI is a joint initiative of DIGITAL SME and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre with the aim to gather a strong network of SME-innovators at the European level. In the group, SMEs with AI expertise gather to network, identify key issues and hurdles to AI adoption and development, and to bring visibility to these key issues.

Be part of the discussion – As a member of the group you will be able to address the European Commission and regulators with experiences, problems and critical issues. This could lead to new beneficial policy initiatives like research tools, funds, regulations or guidelines.

Meet with like-minded innovators – You will be part of a European group of AI innovators and be part of public events, have access to information about funding opportunities and get insight on policy developments at the EU level.

In 2022 FG AI will be led by an expert Steering Group composed of:
– Emilia Tantar,PhD,  Black Swan LUX S.A. 
– Stelian Brad, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 
– Pr. Thomas Bäck, divis intelligent solutions GmbH 
– Dr. Xenia Ziouvelou, NCSR Demokritos 
– Lucia Laorden, Decidata and Legal Hackers Bilbao 
– Stephanie Locke, Nightingale HQ 

Focus Group Fair Digital Markets, Ethical Tech & Interoperability (FG FAIR)

A network of companies that share a strong belief that competitiveness & fairness in digital markets comes from openness and interoperable solutions, and that technology can follow a responsible and ethical approach.

The focus group forms a network in Europe that will develop joint activities and positions.

— Provide input on relevant policy files like DMA, e-Privacy, AI Act.
— Promote a fair and ethical approach to digital markets and technology.

— Visibility at European level.
— Enabling access to EU policymakers.
— Information exchange.
— Building a network of likeminded companies from across Europe

Focus Group ICT Sustainability

This group will unite digital enablers that provide technology solutions and services in a variety of sectors: Biofuels, digital fabrication, e-learning, agritech and many more. Members of FGS will:

• Work closely with the European Green Digital Coalition
• Contribute to and validate the Digital with Purpose SME framework by the Global enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)
• Develop DIGITAL SME’s position on sustainability-related policy initiatives
• Engage with DIGITAL SME’s current and future partners in sustainability initiatives
• Be prioritised for speaking engagements at DIGITAL SME’s and partners’ sustainability-related events
• Receive exclusive information about funding opportunities for “green & digital” projects
• Connect with other “green enablers” and demand-side companies on DIGITAL SME’s new Working Groups platform and in dedicated networking events*
• …and more!

Focus Group Smart Communities

Bringing together European digital SMEs and Public Authorities to create a collaborative and flourishing open innovation ecosystem.

Creating a framework where local SMEs can develop and deploy their trustworthy digital services made in Europe for their communities and beyond, enhancing social value and boosting inclusive growth by attracting high skilled talents and creating jobs.

Improving the living experience of all ctizens by bridging the gap between rural and urban areas with cutting-edge digital services and products to be deployed in the community and beyond, in an open digital environment.

Task Force Blockchain & DLT

A network of Blockchain SME Innovators in Europe

The DIGITAL SME Task Force Blockchain & DLT brings together SMEs from across Europe, with the aim to support the uptake of blockchain by SMEs and to develop joint activities and positions.

The Task Force aims to position SMEs both as actors and beneficiaries of blockchain and DLT Technologies:
– Supporting SMEs in conversations with the regulators
– Raising awareness, providing education and practical tools on how to best adopt new solutions
– Creating space for synergies with other SMEs in network spaces


Margherita Leder

Petko Karamotchev


Task Force Data

Data is a the heart of every modern technology, and a key resource and driver for European ICT SMEs. As such, access to data, data sharing, security etc. are prominent topics not only for SMEs but for European policy makers. In 2022, the European Commission will publish a draft regulation around data and its usage in industry, referred as the “Data Act”, which will have implications on virtually all sectors applying data analysis or relying on data-sharing.

Scope of the Task Force:

— Supporting SMEs in conversations with the regulators
— Raising awareness, and sharing knowledge around best practices and challenges around data
— Developing position papers & responses to public consultations
— Access to latest news on EU projects & funding in the area of data

Working Group Cybersecurity and Data Protection

WG CYBER & DATA informs our position towards the European Union on Cyber Security, Data Protection and AI ethics. Further, the group also works towards developing standards and practical guidelines tailored to SMEs for easier access to selected relevant standards.

Working Group Digitalisation

The Working Group Digitalisation (WG DG) brings together DIGITAL SME experts acquainted with experience, knowledge and interest in topics such as industrial transformation, (European) Digital Innovation Hubs, Internet of Things (IoT), building information modeling (BIM), big data, cloud computing, blockchain, smart cities, and others.

Working Group Standards

Working Group Standards focuses on providing SMEs access to the European standardisation process. As the sectoral representative of Small Business Standards (SBS) in the field of ICT, DIGITAL SME helps small business representatives to actively participate in expert working groups and technical committees. WG STANDARDS is comprised of experts from the European ICT SME industry and jointly develops positions and consultations for EU institutions and standardisation bodies.

Interested in participating?

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