Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology with the potential to deliver vast economic benefits for Europe’s digital SMEs and society as a whole.

DIGITAL SME supports small and medium-sized enterprises for their business models to thrive in the AI revolution and liaises with policymakers as the voice of tech SMEs in AI lawmaking and strategy.

DIGITAL SME´s goal is to ensure that Europe becomes a global leader in AI, driven forward by a thriving ecosystem of European AI start-ups and SMEs.

For an SME-led AI ecosystem

Over the last few years, DIGITAL SME has become a trusted voice in AI policymaking by putting forth concrete proposals on how to turn the AI Act SME-friendly.

DIGITAL SME conducted in-house research, wrote letters to policymakers, organised consultations with SMEs on the AI Act and held countless meetings with key stakeholders. These actions pursued an advocacy strategy to reduce compliance costs for companies and for the strict regulation of AI foundation models to spur European innovation.

DIGITAL SME submitted amendments to create an ecosystem of support that would include sandboxes, contractual clauses, and participative standardisation to even the level playing field between large AI players and AI SMEs.

The work of DIGITAL SME on AI was featured in global media such as TIME, POLITICO, and Reuters, and our experts were invited to high-level hearings and events on AI policy.

Joint Focus Group AI

European tech SMEs and AI experts wishing to work closely with DIGITAL SME should consider joining.

Launched in partnership with the European Institute of Technology (EIT) and its Community Artificial Intelligence, the Joint FG AI will function as a forum for AI SMEs and start-ups to share best practices, explore business opportunities, and influence AI decision-making.


Services and tools on AI for SMEs

Open and easily accessible, the AIoD platform facilitates knowledge sharing, research experimentation, and development of state-of-the-art solutions and technologies related to Artificial Intelligence, while ensuring the European seal of quality, trustworthiness, and explainability.

The platform is open to researchers, innovators, and companies interested in technically contributing to different elements of the platform, sharing the results of their research, or promoting tools and services they developed.

ARISA Alliance fast-tracks the re-skilling and up-skilling of employees, job-seekers, business leaders, and policy-makers in AI-related professions to open Europe to new business opportunities. It focuses on current and emerging professional roles across four occupational domains — business leaders, technology leaders, technology practitioners, and policymakers.

SMEs can join the ARISA Alliance as Associated Partners to gain access to a vibrant network that fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the collective pursuit of excellence in AI skills development.