As the digital realm confronted a surge of ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2023, totaling 36 identified gangs, a staggering revelation emerged: SMEs constituted a staggering 87% of affected companies.

*Source: The Ransomware Landscape in Europe

In response to over 7.7 million compromised devices, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance has introduced the SME ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Centre), aiming at facilitating cross-border collaboration. The SME ISAC enhances knowledge exchange, resource sharing, and the development of preventive tools.


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Ransomware Landscape in Europe

The report indicates an in-depth rise of ransomware attacks (from 112 in 2022 to 175 in 2023), followed by phishing campaigns carried out in the same yearly timeframe. Divided in four total quarters, the ongoing year has faced a steady peak of attacks already in Q1, where 7,772 new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) were published, underscoring once again the ever evolving and dynamic nature of cyber vulnerabilities.

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