The DIGITAL SME Scientific Committee is a forum for leading academics to establish a dialogue with DIGITAL SME on its key priority areas.

The Committee creates a community of academic experts supporting DIGITAL SME´s evidence-based approach to advocacy. Within the scope of the Committee, its members are encouraged to engage on an individual level with DIGITAL SME.


Members of the Committee engage with DIGITAL SME - including on bilateral basis - to pursue the following key purposes:

Advise on and inform DIGITAL SME positions and strategic initiatives

Involve digital SMEs in key academic research projects

Promote partnerships on key EU programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe)

Promote agreements with universities - including, but not limited to selection of qualified students or researchers for the staff of DIGITAL SME

If you wish to join as an expert, please submit an expression of interest via the button below.




DIGITAL SME encourages the participation of academic experts from different backgrounds and all disciplines related to EU digital policy (e.g. political science, economics, competition policy, data science, IT, philosophy, etc.), who share our mission of putting tech SMEs at the centre of the EU agenda, as a key driver of European digital sovereignty and digital transformation of EU industry.

The Committee is a unique opportunity to advance this vision at a European level, and for its members to engage in fruitful exchanges with like-minded experts - with options to interact bilaterally with the DIGITAL SME community, and pursue joint research projects or funding opportunities.

For more information, please check the Terms of Reference