Blockchain is an enabling technology with ample cross-sectoral ramifications. Finance, agriculture, textiles, and construction: all can make use of blockchain to share and authenticate transactions in a faster and more decentralized way. This represents both a field of opportunities for SMEs developing such blockchain-based solutions, as well as a field for upskilling and increased technological understanding for SMEs operating in these vertical sectors.

DIGITAL SME creates business synergies and opportunities between its members, as well as supports them in conversations with policymakers, and keeps them up to date with the latest regulatory updates and funding opportunities in the blockchain and DLT sector. It raises awareness about blockchain and its different implications, ranging from environmental to standardisation considerations.

BlockStand is an EU-funded project led by DIGITAL SME. Its aim is threefold:
  • Support the participation of European blockchain standardisation experts in international and European Standard Developing Organisations;
  • Support the implementation of the European Commission’s Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation on blockchain & DLT;
  • Reinforce links with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP).

To this effect, 400.000 EUR are made available for funding of experts.


Focus Group Blockchain & DLT

The Focus Group has a particular emphasis on blockchain standardisation through its alignment with BlockStand’s Stakeholder Forum. Activities include:

  • Creating a catalogue to create synergies and business opportunities with other SMEs and relevant stakeholders
  • Supporting SMEs in conversations with regulators
  • Raising awareness, providing education and practical tools on how to best adopt new solutions
  • Encouraging the debate on blockchain standards among blockchain standardisation experts and blockchain entrepreneurs
  • Accessing the latest updates on EU projects and funding opportunities in the blockchain and DLT field

Services and tools on Digital Skills for SMEs

CHAISE is an EU-funded project in which DIGITAL SME is a consortium partner. It addresses skills mismatches in the blockchain sector, delivering a blockchain skills governance ecosystem tailored to sectoral needs.

SMEs can, in particular, refer themselves to the following documents and trainings:

Relevant Publications

As an enabling technology, blockchain is helping several sectors to become more efficient. Sectors such as agriculture, textiles, construction, ICT, and finance use blockchain to share and authenticate transactions in a faster and decentralised way or enhance the transparency of the supply chain, which combats fraud and strengthens the sustainability of raw materials.

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