Focus Group Blockchain & DLT


The DIGITAL SME Focus Group Blockchain & DLT brings together various blockchain stakeholders from across Europe to position SMEs both as actors and beneficiaries of blockchain and DLT Technologies.
The Focus Group has a particular emphasis on blockchain standardisation through its alignment with BlockStand’s Stakeholder Forum.

Members of the FGBC are:
o ICT SMEs, such as digital enablers that offer blockchain-based technology solutions and services across various sectors,
o blockchain experts, notably standardisation experts.

Activities of FGBC include:

o Creating a catalogue gathering the solutions developed by the Members of the FG s in various sectors, to create synergies and business opportunities with other SMEs and relevant stakeholders, leading to dedicated networking or matchmaking events.
o Supporting SMEs in conversations with regulators, contributing to the transformation and adaptation of regulatory frameworks,
o Raising awareness, providing education and practical tools on how to best adopt new solutions,
o Encouraging the debate on blockchain standards among blockchain standardisation experts and blockchain entrepreneurs, by working closely with the BlockStand project and serving as the BlockStand Stakeholder Forum,
o Accessing the latest updates on EU projects and funding opportunities in the blockchain and DLT field.

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Our Focus Group Blockchain & DLT discussion forum gives members a chance to discuss issues of relevance to their business, European regulation, emerging technologies, and networking opportunities. Jump in and give us your input!


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