European companies are highly qualified global leaders in GDPR-compliant cybersecurity solutions. To boost their visibility and recognition on the European level and beyond, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has initiated the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE label.

DIGITAL SME is the only Europe-wide organisation issuing the Label.


Market differentiator – The Label sets your company apart from the bulk of the international cybersecurity offer. European cybersecurity enterprises are subject to strict privacy and data protection rules. Whereas companies from the US are not per se subject to regulations like the GDPR, European companies have to adhere to strong ethical principles in treating their customers’ data.

Strategic value – Supporting European cybersecurity businesses is of strategic value to strengthen our Digital Sovereignty. Through the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label, you make it easier for customers to find and trust your company.

Visibility – We are building up a list of enterprises with the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label on our trusted domain. We will raise awareness of labelled companies whenever possible; in European events, meetings, website, social media, etc.



Companies meeting the following criteria can be considered for the label:

  1. European-based: The company is a legal entity, headquartered in Europe.
  2. European ownership: The company must provide reasonable assurance that there is no major ownership/control from outside Europe.
  3. Europe as a primary business place: The company must demonstrate that it has >50% of cybersecurity R&D activities and >50% of staff (FTE) located in the EU27, EFTA, EEA countries and the UK.
  4. Trustworthy cybersecurity products and services: The company declares to comply with ENISA’s Indispensable baseline security requirements for the procurement of secure ICT products and services
  5. Data and privacy: The company declares to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The label issuance process does not require a technical audit.


12 months


€600,- (excl. VAT)

Application procedure

To apply for the Label, please click on “apply now!” below and fill out the form on the next page. We will process your application and contact you as soon as possible.


Companies obtaining the Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label issued by DIGITAL SME will also get a chance to join DIGITAL SME’s WG CYBER*.

The Working Group on Cybersecurity & Data Protection is an exclusive assembly of top cybersecurity SMEs, experts, policymakers and representatives of European organisations in the field of cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy. The group is a place to network, discuss salient issues in these fields, and form the Alliance’s positions vis-à-vis the European institutions.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Companies which are not a member of one of DIGITAL SME’s member associations will be admitted with observer status. Companies which exceed the European Commission’s SME definition will not be admitted.