Focus Group Fair Digital Markets, Ethical Tech & Interoperability (FG FAIR)

A network of companies that share a strong belief that competitiveness & fairness in digital markets comes from openness and interoperable solutions, and that technology can follow a responsible and ethical approach.

The focus group forms a network in Europe that will develop joint activities and positions.

— Provide input on relevant policy files like DMA, e-Privacy, AI Act.
— Promote a fair and ethical approach to digital markets and technology.

— Visibility at European level.
— Enabling access to EU policymakers.
— Information exchange.
— Building a network of likeminded companies from across Europe

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Our Focus Group Fair Digital Markets, Ethical Tech & Interoperability (FG FAIR) discussion forum gives members a chance to discuss issues of relevance to their business, European regulation, emerging technologies, and networking opportunities. Jump in and give us your input!


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