Fair Digital Markets & European Ethical Tech: How to get there?

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Europe’s Tech Sector is taking a distinct path in terms of privacy-friendly and ethical tech. However, the majority of digital consumer products and services are shaped by the large digital platforms from the Silicon Valley.

How can Europe move towards more human-centric and ethical technology, while catching up in digital innovation? The European DIGITAL SME Alliance is proposing a new Focus Group Ethical Tech & Interoperability, which will focus on the open tech that has become a symbol of the European tech sector.

With the new FG Ethical Tech, we want to support an ethical and fair approach to digital markets and technology by connecting European SMEs around topics of interoperability, open digital markets, privacy, and ethical technology. The group will gather businesses that share a strong believe that competitiveness & fairness in digital markets comes from openness and interoperable solutions, and that technology can follow a responsible and ethical approach, e.g., in terms of protecting privacy and other fundamental rights.

At this panel, we would like to discuss with European tech leaders and policy-makers, what framework conditions are needed to transition to a more sustainable digital environment and what ethical business means in tech.


16.00 – 16.10 Welcome by DIGITAL SME 
16.10 – 17.10 Panel discussion: 

Responsible & Ethical Digital Markets: How to get there?

17.10 – 17.30 Focus Group Ethical Tech & Interoperability
17.25 – 17.30 Wrap up: Priorities & Next steps

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