Focus Group ICT Sustainability

Members are:
– Digital enablers that provide technology solutions and services to drive ICT Sustainability.
– They provide green & digital products and services: ICT hardware & software, but also vertical sectors: biofuels, digital fabrication, e-learning, agritech and many more.

Activities & Benefits:
– Visibility at European level.
– Access to EU policymakers and thought-leaders, e.g. via the European Green Digital Coalition.
– Develop DIGITAL SME’s positions on sustainability-related policy initiatives & contribute to sustainability frameworks (Digital with Purpose, European Green Digital Coalition).
– Receive exclusive information about project & policy.
– Connect with other “green enablers” and demand-side companies.
– Contribute to shaping the methodologies of the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) via the Working Group 5: SME Inclusion (comprised of the members of the Focus Group ICT Sustainability)

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