DIGITAL SME launches Funding Opportunities Portal – a new service for SMEs

SMEs are the backbone of Europe’s economy, representing 99% of all businesses in the EU. Yet, the official statistics indicate that only around 20% of EU funding beneficiaries are SMEs, whereas large enterprises, universities and research organisations share the remaining 80%. The 750 billion euros budget allocated by the Next Generation EU plan will not achieve its ambitions if the funding opportunities do not reach SMEs. One of the missions of DIGITAL SME is to close the gap between SMEs and funding opportunities.

DIGITAL SME launched a new service – the Funding Opportunities Portal – to support SMEs in getting easy access to the available opportunities and to ensure they can succeed in creating European led innovation in the digital economy.

Navigating EU funding for various projects and programmes relevant to digital SMEs can be time-consuming and difficult. Many different European funding opportunities for SMEs exist, but the good ones are often hidden in a jungle of too much information. The Funding Opportunities Portal aims to offer easy access to hidden funding opportunities and exclusive ones that come from DIGITAL SME´s network – including private calls and access to consortia that are working on proposals with high success chances. Moreover, the category selection and search features make the platform easy to navigate.

The Funding Opportunities Portal is available at

The Portal was developed with a support of the EU4Business: Connecting Companies initiative of the European Union.

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