Working Group Cybersecurity and Data Protection

DIGITAL SME’s Working Group Cybersecurity and Data Protection brings together cybersecurity practitioners and experts to promote the role of SMEs in achieving cybersecurity for European companies.

Members are:
– Digital enablers and innovators: SMEs that provide cybersecurity solutions to customers, taking traditional cybersecurity tools and advancing them to meet current and future threats.
– ICT Clusters and Cybersecurity experts: SME representative groups that focus on cybersecurity for SMEs, both as consumers and providers.

Activities and Benefits:
– Creation of unified tools, resources and guides endorsed at European level
– Formulating DIGITAL SME stances on forthcoming European legislation, implementation of agreed legislation and establishing cybersecurity best practices and certification schemes.
– Promoting awareness of SME specific threats, vulnerabilities, tools and resources while reporting these perspectives to European stakeholders.
– Establishing visibility at both European level and across national markets.
– Fostering connections with other innovative cybersecurity SMEs.
– Facilitating access to EU policy-makers and practitioners, including experts from ENISA and the European Commission.
– Providing insight into the evolution of cybersecurity certification frameworks and standardisation, with opportunities for contributing to their schemes.

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