Working Group Cybersecurity and Data Protection Meeting

DIGITAL SME organised a meeting to explore how cybersecurity for SMEs will be advanced in 2024, from both the legislative and market perspective. The Working Group Cybersecurity and Data Protection meeting invited various experts from European institutions and the DIGITAL SME community to share their cybersecurity best practices and perspectives on promoting cybersecurity for European businesses.

The European Commission joined the meeting to explain the impact of the Cyber Resilience Act on SMEs, the first cybersecurity legislation to prescribe cybersecurity requirements for all connected products. This session served to discuss what the requirements are, which products will be impacted, and how companies can ensure that they are compliant when the legislation enters into effect.

To raise SMEs’ awareness of the evolving cyber threat landscape and increase their capacity to prevent and respond to those threats, DIGITAL SME has established an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC). During the meeting, an ISAC representative, introduced the 2024 outlook and activities, while DIGITAL SME explained how members can become involved and contribute to the work of the Centre, enhancing knowledge sharing and the development of preventive tools.

Following this, ENISA shared some of the resources that they have created to help European SMEs level up their cybersecurity, and DIGITAL SME members were invited to take the floor to offer their perspective on how cross-European resources can be tailored to help SMEs of all cybersecurity maturity levels.


Welcome & Introduction 14:00 – 14:10
  • James Philpot, Project Manager, DIGITAL SME
  • Fabio Guasconi, CEO, SECMES
What will be the impact of the Cybersecurity Resilience Act on SMEs? 14:10 – 14:35
  • Benjamin Boegel, Policy Officer on Cybersecurity, European Commission
DIGITAL SME ISAC and Vulnerability Report – Discussion of Group Priorities 14:35 – 15:00
  • Federico Giberti, Marketing Manager, Swascan
  • Costanza Pestarino, Project Manager, DIGITAL SME
Cybersecurity Resources and Best Practices for SMEs 15:00 – 15:25
  • Evangelos Kantas, Cybersecurity Expert, ENISA
AOB 15:25 – 15:30
  • Working Group Management, DIGITAL SME
  • Task Force Data, Antonio Grasso Public Affairs Director, DIGITAL SME