DIGITAL SME ISAC: A new centre to protect SMEs from cyber threats

About the event

In response to the growing cyber threats facing SMEs, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance is hosting an event to mark the official launch of the DIGITAL SME ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center).

With cyber incidents on the rise, evidenced by an alarming 11.4% increase in the latter half of 2023 compared to the first semester, totalling 2616 cyber incidents in Europe, the need for collective action is becoming imperative. Additionally, new findings of our latest report,  “Ransomware Landscape Europe H2 2023″,  will be showcased.

This event promises to be an opportunity to explore the potential of the DIGITAL SME ISAC in strengthening SMEs and enhancing the broader cybersecurity ecosystem. The SME ISAC aims not only to facilitate cross-border cybersecurity information sharing but also to cultivate resilience and proactive defence strategies. 

A representative from ENISA will join the meeting to explain the agency’s pivotal role in supporting SMEs and the significance of ISACs in bolstering cybersecurity infrastructure. The DIGITAL SME ISAC coordinator will unveil the rationale behind DIGITAL SME ISAC and raise awareness among SMEs about the evolving cyber threat landscape, presenting the new report “Ransomware Landscape Europe H2 2023”. Subsequently, a panel with three distinguished members of DIGITAL SME ISAC will share insights into their activities, tools, and training for preventing cyber-attacks, providing valuable perspectives based on their experiences.



Welcoming remarks & Introduction

  • Justina Bieliauskaite – Innovation Director (DIGITAL SME)


ENISA’s Insight: The role of ISACs in safeguarding SMEs

  • Rossen Naydenov – Officer in Network Information Security (ENISA)



  • Costanza Pestarino – Project Manager in Cybersecurity (DIGITAL SME)


Presentation of the Ransomware Landscape Report H2 2023

  • Pierguido Iezzi – Director of Security (Swascan) and Coordinator (DIGITAL SME ISAC)


Panel: Inside DIGITAL SME ISAC – Perspectives from Our Members


  • George Sharkov – Director of European Software Institute (CEE)
  • Patricia Shields – CEO & Co-Founder (Cyber Cert Labs)
  • Maria Cucci – Chief Growth Officer (MUSCOPE)


Closing remarks

Shared presentations

Marco Pirini, R&D Manager, Khymeia Group

Cláudia Louro, Senior Grants Manager, Kinetikos Health

Gabriele Casalini, Tech Project Officer, European DIGITAL SME Alliance