French SME federations join forces to launch DIGITAL SME France

Several French federations jointly launched DIGITAL SME France on 18 December in Paris. DIGITAL SME France will represent French digital SMEs on a European level within the European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

French digital SMEs, like all SMEs in Europe, can only thrive if policy-makers at the EU level create a level-playing field for SMEs and invest in strengthening innovation and technology made in Europe. Therefore, two federations of SMEs active in digital technologies – EBEN, ACEDISE[1] have united within DIGITAL SME France at the initiative of the former French representative within the European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

“The strength of the European economy has always revolved around SMEs – we need to continue building on this competitive advantage and create a thriving eco-system to bring about world-leaders in digital”, says Oliver Grün, President of European DIGITAL SME Alliance. “I therefore welcome this initiative, and strongly believe that it will help to reinforce the voice of French digital SMEs in Europe”.

Europe is lagging behind other world leaders in terms of digitalisation. At the same time, Europe is home to innovative and state of the art digital SMEs. Digital policy is mainly driven forward at the European level. Rules on privacy, e-commerce, European standards for digital solutions are valid throughout the EU.

“It is necessary that French digital SMEs team up to make their voice heard and to keep up-to-date with developments at the European level. To compete globally, digital players in Europe need access to funding which helps to turn innovation into competitive market solutions. I am looking forward to promoting the interests of French digital SMEs in Europe”, says Amandine Laveau-Zimmerlé, President DIGITAL SME France. Next to the President, Christian Coquide, President of ACEDISE, and Delphine Cuynet, Director General of EBEN, form the Administrative Council of DIGITAL SME France in their respective roles as Vice-President and Treasurer.

DIGITAL SME France aims at:

  • Representing the interests of French SMEs of the ICT sector at the national and European level
  • Providing information on EU policy, regulations and news
  • Promoting exchanges of know-how and business opportunities amongst the members and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance network.
  • Offering to the members a direct channel of communication with the European Institutions through bilateral meetings and participation to conferences and expert groups
  • Offering to the members the participation to EU funded projects
  • Enhancing its members sectoral skills by participating to European trainings and workshops

DIGITAL SME France is an alliance of French Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), federations, public institutions and sponsors. DIGITAL SME France, member of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, promotes a European oriented approach towards the development of French digital SMEs.

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EBEN – Fédération des Entreprises du Bureau et du Numérique

ACEDISE Fédération des Constructeurs Editeurs Distributeurs Installateurs de Systèmes d’Encaissement.

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