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Italy · Member of ASSINTEL


Arancia ICT offers software solutions for the Digital Transformation of private and public companies using the best technologies and practices; it also invest in many innovative R&D projects.


Smartep is a Sustainable Model And Renewable Thinking Energy Parking project. Arancia ICT are developing two application and ICT infrastructure to manage all parking places and IoT sensors installed. The two software solution will be an web application to manage sensors, (Parking place sensor, Recharge parking device, photovoltaic panels, thermal road collector, lighting) and a mobile application focused to services to the end users. Mobile application will permit to the user to reserve parking places, buy places and manage all reservation using I.A.'s suggestions. The I.A.'s internal module will be used to analyze all data from the cameras and will generate a model to forecast parking occupation. This data will be used to optimize parking reservation and suggest to users a better and energy efficient managing.

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We are open to collaborate with IT companies expert on IoT, IA and blockchain technologies. We are also searching companies that want to implement smartep solution in the parking places infrastructures. We have expertise in food chain focused on milk and cheese production, tourism and public company digitalization.


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