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Specialist in LED digital communication, Charvet Digital Media, is a French who designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its performing displays, managed by innovative information systems.


Specialist and expert in led digital communication for nearly 40 years, Charvet Digital Media is a French independent manufacturer, ISO 9001 certified, who designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its performing displays and electronic LED panels, managed by innovative information systems that we aim eventually in 2 years to become a Smart City platform with personalized information, services and data management.
Charvet is positioned exclusively on the Digital LED market with a large share in the outdoor market. It covers the entire chain in a 360° approach, and ensures the design, marketing, production, installation and long-term maintenance.
Charvet benefits from a great market knowledge and the capacity to answer to all client's needs. These lasts represent more than 10 700 references in the world. Leader on French market, it mainly works with the following clients:
- Cities
- Shops and advertising
- Major projects including transport, stadiums and sports

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