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Cybernetica unique expertise ranges from secure data exchange like the X-road to digital identity, i-voting, information security and more.


Our product called X-Road/UXP is a standardised, interoperable and secure data exchange technology. The product is partially open-source. Using it, different registries,information systems, databases inside one municipality can communicate with each other easily and securely. Different municipalities can also communicate with each other in a similar manner. Regarding smart cities, the same technology can be used for exchanging sensitive information collected by sensors that has to be protected and securely transported.
The product is currently used in many countries across the globe (Tunisia, Greenland, Namibia, Japan, Ukraine, NEOM smart city in Saudi Arabia, etc.)

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu, ...); Ukraine (small municipalities all around the country); NEOM smart city in Saudi Arabia


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