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Derilinx is a leader in the delivery of Open/Shared Data Solutions across the Globe. We are passionate about helping organisations discover, publish and trust data to deliver sustainable impact.


Derilinx provides high-quality Data Sharing solutions. Our team have rich experience in working with Open Data, Linked Data, and Data Governance.
Our solution for Smart Cities:
- Allows you to understand what data sources are available
- Helps you improve the quality of information
- Supports interoperable (including data harmonisation across multiple publishers) and real-time data solutions (e.g. mobility and environment data)
- Derives smart insights to power public-services

datAdore ( is Derilinx’s data sharing platform, paving the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence and advanced data innovation.
- As a data publisher, datAdore will help you identify what data sources you have in your organisation, govern data in a consistent and reliable manner, and ensure data is of high-quality.
- As a data user, datAdore will help you easily find the data you are looking for, understand what the data is describing, and access and apply the data to a variety of use-cases.
Derilinx also provides client-side expert advisory services in the area of Open Data best practice, data quality, ecosystem management as well as a range of analytics/web application services to facilitate access to data (e.g. API) and delivery of powerful data insights.
Smart Dublin Case Study -

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Dublin, Ireland


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