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Develhope is the “Learn now, Pay later” tech bootcamp focused on social impact: we train young unemployed people to land their first job as Software Developers or Data Engineers.


Being a coding school, our main product is education, in its most inclusive and innovative form. Each student studies through an intensive but flexible schedule, with on demand video-lessons and online live interactions with tutors and peers. Each student is also accompanied on a human development path by Develhope Coaches and career preparation through a specialized Placement Team, to improve the standing of the candidate. Develhope bootcamps include: Full-Stack Web Development, Java Back-end, Mobile Development, Data Engineering, . NET and AWS (in partnership with AWS). We want to partner with companies, Foundations and institutions to launch projects that aim to up-skill and re-skill vulnerable categories and unemployed young people in tech, allowing them to launch their first career as programmers. We have already partnered with Amazon, for the issuance of scholarships for youth coming from Sicily and Campania in order to study in Develhope courses; as well as with Bulgari for women fellowships and placement opportunities. In addition, together with Accenture Foundation and Vodafone we are also part of the "ReadyforIT" project, won through Repubblica Digitale, for the training of 300 Italian NEETs and migrants.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Italy (with a particular focus on Southern Italy); Turkey; Spain (with active projects in Andalusia); Kenya (with active projects in Nairobi); Egypt (with an active project in the Orange Digital Center of Cairo); some Eastern European countries, such as: Albania, Serbia, Romania.


Any type of company willing to employ profiles of junior developers or entry level talents in ICT in general (totally free of charge), launch social impact projects in partnership with Develhope, regardless of their industry.