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Huna is a startup in the smart city sector. We develop innovative solutions for greener, more sustainable and innovative urban environments, where people are happier and healthier.


Light Touch is Huna's city platform for the management of street lighting, the monitoring of air quality through a system of mobile devices and the smart management of traffic flows and parking. Huna helps ESCos and utilities to level up outstandingly the energy efficiency and the global environmental and economic sustainability of the cities these players serve. Besides this, Huna makes possible the aggregation and collection of multiple types of data from different sources, so that policy makers, together with these companies, can cooperate to create better urban environments driven by better policies. Other benefits are represented by the simplicity of installation and utilization of each service, by the reduction of our clients' internal costs, by a huge improvement in the quality of the service delivered. For more details, please check our website or email Mr. Alberto Ferrari, Business Development Manager at

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Italy and Spain


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