Jotne EPM Technology AS


ISO 10303-STEP IoT Standards Simulation data Manageement (SDM) FEM Data exchange and sharing Digital Twin Open BIM circular economy smart manufacturing industrial IoT Interconnectivity



Jotne is a Norwegian SME developing software for the management of product data to resolve data interoperability using standards, like ISO 10303, STEP.


Jotne’s Open Standard Digital Twin products are scalable solutions for engineers that need to manage their PLM/CAD/CAE/SDM/CAT information. This software has been developed and deployed by industry over the last 25 years for data exchange, sharing and archival of product data (CAD, CAE, PLM, MES, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Open BIM). Our products avoid vendor lock-in for their users by storing all information pertinent to a product’s design, engineering and operational life by ISO/TC 184/SC 4 methodology and standardized data models as the technology (including ISO 10303 (STEP) and ISO 16739 (BIM/IFC)).

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Trondheim, Tønsberg, Fredrikstad in Norway


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