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System Integration, support and maintenance on the field of IT and Telecommunication. Realization of Smart office/Smart Building/Smart City solutions & applications.


Realization of Smart office/Smart Building/Smart City applications for digitalization of much as possible services that can be managed. The main goal is to achieve maximum digitalization of the processes related to optimization and energy saving. The systems used are open and allow maximum expansion and integration with existing or other systems. Using a multiplexed approach, smart systems can find application in the development of smart city management. The specific project refers to the realization of movable objects, which provide the most comfortable working environment for researchers, designers, engineers and technicians. Or to build small mobile energy independent objects and unattended managed points for remote monitoring and data collection. The concept includes an IP switch, which depending on the operating conditions. Can be in normal performance or meet the standards for work in industrial outdoor environments. The system is controlled by the boot software Smart Director App on the switch. The specific clients needs and application can be easy configured with the integrated Smart Director App. The system also includes analog and digital controller, smart sensor, temperature sensor and lighting & heating controller. The system also includes a wireless access point with mobile 3G/4G/5G connection to the Internet. It enable to connect a system to cloud and subsequent data processing and analysis.

City / Region where the solution was deployed

Sofia - Bulgaria (test) ; New City Hall in Leipzig; The Estrel Congress & Messe Center in Berlin;


* System Integrators in the field of IT and telecommunication. * Software development for the implementation of projects of mutual interest



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