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Treedom is the first platform that allows consumers and businesses to plant and trees online and follow the project they are in, directly funding rural NGOs with environmental and social impact.


In the last decades, we observed that deforestation and environmental degradation are causing the natural world and social well-being. Treedom started with the founders’ experiences in rural development projects and their desire to reverse a recent dangerous trend common to many indigenous populations in the developing countries: “selling out” areas of forest to wood and agricultural industries. Consequences are the loss of habitat, desertification, soil deterioration, more significant amounts of greenhouse gases, displacement of local communities and their traditional way of life and income sources. Treedom created, in 2010, the first platform worldwide that allows consumers and corporations to plant and follow the story of the forestry project online, directly financing NGOs that support farmers around the world. Since its foundation in Treedom has introduced innovation and transparency in a traditionally charitable sector, taking old-fashioned concepts and transforming a good deed into a modern tool of communication and engagement. It pursues its mission of greening the planet by making trees “adoption” fun and engaging with a great degree of transparency. Thanks to its business model it finances rural cooperatives and local NGOs to organize the tree planting operations. These organizations receive resources and training and are in charge of managing local operations and beneficiaries farmers, these always maintain the property on trees and their products. Since 2010 more than 3 million trees have been planted in 17countries, supporting 177,000 farmers. Treedom works with more than 8,000 corporate clients and 985,000 users. Treedom's impact is also testified by its certification as a B Corp since 2014 and its adhesion to the UN Global Compact since 2012. Moreover, in 2016, it was registered as an innovative SME and became a benefit company in 202 VIDEO:

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Headquarters: Florence Other offices: Munich, London, Paris, Amsterdam Country where we are present: Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand


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