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upandbike is a network of elevated, smart, automatic and safe parking for bicycles. upandbike allows the optimization of urban space to ease individual mobility and make it more sustainable.


upandbike is a new system to create net of available parking for bikes across the city by means of automatic elevated stations. The stations are elevated, smart automatic and safe. They allow the optimization of urban space to ease individual mobility and make it more sustainable. As they are elevated, the surface below the bike parking is free and can be reused for other purposes such as kiosks, bus stop, subway entrance or last-mile delivery hub, among others. The main purpose is to provide door-2-door availability to micro-mobility while solving the lack of safe parking and also freeing up the streets of the current chaos that bad parked bikes suppose.
Our cities are increasingly polluted and must always find ways to reduce pollution, eliminate our carbon footprint and slow down climate change as much as possible. As we take all this seriously, we wanted to contribute our granite to society. A greater use of the bike means more decarbonized cities. The solar cells installed in the upandbike also contribute to the environmental impact. These are connected to the main energy lines and produce more energy than consumed as the available surface is quite big. Also, we apply a photocatalytic treatment to each of our bike parkings to function as a passive decontamination element within the city.
Photocatalysis is a chemical process that, among other things, transforms pollutants into non-polluting elements in presence of UV radiation (sunlight). It also kills virus and bacteria, creating a self-desinfecting surface. The result is that each upandbike decontaminates about 87,000 g of NOx/year, which is equivalent to what 435 adult trees decontaminate in one year or 93 euro 5 cars emit in one year as well. In the end, what we contribute more than a granite is an excellent result in decontamination levels thanks to this treatment.
Find out more in: www.upandbike.com
Linkedin: upandbike
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxlmx_5CDhE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q-3DABJpxU

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It will be installed in Lleida within 2 months.


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