Call for innovative digital SMEs to participate in Block.IS accelerator and get up to 60.000 euro funding!

The Blockchain Innovation Spaces initiative (Block.IS) stimulates innovation and adoption of blockchain-based products in the sectors of agri-food, finance, and logistics. The goal is to foster European SME-led innovation in the field of blockchain technologies by building an open and collaborative cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem.

Therefore, Block.IS has launched an Open Call to select 45 innovative startups & SMEs which can offer blockchain-based products, processes and business models with strong market potential in the sectors of agrifood, logistics and finance. Selected companies will benefit from Block.IS three-phase acceleration programme and funding.

Block.IS acceleration programme, timeline and funding

For the selected 45 companies, Block.IS will offer 3-phase acceleration services. After each stage, some SMEs will be left out, based on the quality of their pitches, innovativeness of their business ideas, etc.

Phase I “INNOVATE” will offer €3.000 (lump sum) per SME (90 selected for this phase). During one-month period, the 45 selected SMEs will be invited to fine-tune their concept, elaborate an early prototype or mock-up and the technical architecture of the proposed solution and prepare a tech-business pitch to present at the Innovation Event/Clusters-Innovators Assembly.

Phase II “EXPERIMENT” will offer €50.000 per candidate (23 best SMEs from Phase I). This phase will last 8 months. The winners will be developing the proposed Block.IS projects in collaboration/ connection with Clusters networks, sector specialists and technology experts, participating in Block.IS programme community events and receive continuous support from their dedicated coach. Each SME will develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) targeting the agrifood, logistics and/or finance market

Phase III “COMMERCIALIZE” will offer €7.000 per innovator (10 SMEs from Phase II). This phase will last 2 months and the participants will develop activities associated with the promotion and exploitation of their projects, aiming to engage new customers, partners, investors.

Expected timeline of Block.IS Open Call and acceleration programme is presented below:

Applicants’ eligibility criteria

Submission and deadline

All interested applicants should register at the Block.IS F6S page ( This will be the central interface for managing the proposal applications for the remainder of the open calls. Deadline for registering AND submitting the application is 17:00 CET (Brussels time) on Wednesday 6th of November 2019.

Further information and Open Call details

Full Open Call details can be found HERE.

The Block.IS consortium will provide information to the applicants only via the F6S blog, so that the information (question and answer), will be visible to all participants. Online Q&A are available HERE.

More information can also be found on the Block.IS website.

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