Commissioner Oettinger launches EU Cyber Security Partnership – DIGITAL SME as founding partner

Commissioner Oettinger signed the contractual establishment of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on cybersecurity. As envisaged in the Digital Single Market Strategy, this new PPP, called European Cyber Security Organisation, will aim to strengthen EU’s cybersecurity industry.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance, which formally joined the new PPP as the founding representative of ICT SMEs, welcomed the Commission initiative.

“Digital SMEs are a key partner of the new cybersecurity organization. Together with large industry and public authorities, we are committed to deliver more and better IT security to Europe” said Dr. Oliver Grün, president of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

Grün also took this opportunity to remind about the key role of IT SMEs for the future of Europe’s digital economy. “In cyber-security, as well as in other IT areas, Europe can count on several leading SMEs that have become champions of innovation in their national markets. Now, the next step is for our SMEs to become leaders in the EU market. For this we need the EU to become a real Digital Single Market, where our companies are free to grow.”

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance recently published its 10 ideas for the future of Europe’s digital economy. They include removal of barriers to SME internationalization such as national contract law and fragmented VAT regimes.