Cybersecurity Made in Europe

Application form

Fill out this form and upload supporting documents to obtain the Cybersecurity Made in Europe label, initiated by ECSO and issued by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. Your information will be treated confidentially and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will help us to determine whether your company qualifies as a certified European cybersecurity business.

Our goal is to issue the label with an adequate level of scrutiny to maintain its high strategic value as a marketing tool for your customers.

Together with the application form, we also require you to submit the filled-out Supporting Document which includes a declaration of conformity with ENISA’s Indispensable baseline security requirements for the procurement of secure ICT products and services and a signed letter by an authorised representative of your company. You can download the Supporting Document here. Please note that only signed PDF version will be accepted.

How to fill out this form:

    1. Start with the Supporting Documentwhich will take some time to fill out (10-45 minutes, depending on whether you have the information in the ENISA document ready). Please make sure to submit a PDF version signed.
    2. Once the Supporting Document is finalised, you can start filling out the form below
    3. After clicking “Submit your application”, we will review the information you provided and contact you within three working days. If your application was successful, you will receive a link to the payment form.
    4. After completing the payment, you will receive a package with the label and a dated certificate!